To support the coming New Era of B2B E-procurement

The convenience of the e-commerce drives the online consumption growing quickly in this century and the figures rises up significantly for recent years, especially since the pandemic spreading over the world in 2020. Not only the scale of B2C(Business-to-Consumer) grows but also the B2B(Business-to-Business) e-commerce has grown dramatically among the international trade. Forrester Research forecasts that the gross trade value of B2B e-commerce could reach 1.8 trillion US dollars and the value of B2C e-commerce might be 480 billion US dollars by 2023.

The are the key findings from Amazon Business:

Almost all of the surveyed buyers who adopted the e-procurement during the covid-19 transmission presumes that their corporations will have more business purchasing online. 40% of the sellers presents they would proceed global selling in primarily and 39% of buyers figures the improvement of sustainability high on the list of priorities.



Nowadays, organizations of different scales are capable of speeding up their entirety to transform timely through applying more updated, agile electronic procurement models, which could also enable them to achieve goals, increase the resiliency and possibly become more thriving in the future. For maximizing the efficiency, the coming forms of B2B e-commerce will include both streamlined and integrated digital strategies with the remaining businesses. In the coming future, those buyers tho don’t apply advanced e-procurement methods and channels could possibly have troubles in operation.

From the version of sellers, to coordinate the pace of progress of buyers organization is equally essential and instant. Without the convenience of traditional offline exhibition, buyers cannot see the real items and feel the texture. Therefore, the seller companies should be able to provide a comprehensive online channel for buyer, which can display diversity and authenticity of the products and provide convenience in communicating, ordering and after-sales service.

Our company also regards the excellent online trading experience as a top priority for bushiness today. Actually, we have noticed this importance many years ago before the pandemic. Now we have develop various business channels for our global buyers, including official website, two e-stores on Alibaba e-commerce platform, Made-in-China platform and also those well-known social medias. This website is the most updated one, where you can directly contact us, browse our new products and visit our 3D exhibition hall and the workshop of our factories. We not only keep improving the function of these online channels but also constanly provide training for our sales team to raise our business capability. Ultimately, we will ensure our customers has superior experience among the whole procurement process, from learning about our products, ordering, inspecting, declaring and shipping.

Post time: Aug-23-2022