A ceramic manufacturing company celebrates its 28th anniversary

The Yongsheng Ceramics Manufacturing Co.,Ltd. has been producing ceramics products since 1990s and it recently celebrates its 28th anniversary last month in 2022. At the same time, Yongsheng Ceramics announces its new propaganda slogan “We design, we manufacture, we sell” to restate their business and emphasis their strength in service among the ceramic industry. Also in this year, the company updates its new official website in order to present a comprehensive and more modern image to the public and to release the latest dynamic information for global business customers. Even though there is no Canton fair as a result of the pandemic, a functional and user-friendly web page could help create a “zero distance communication” between the company and its buyers.

Yongsheng Ceramics is a ceramics manufacturing company specialize in study, develop, design, produce and sell of various types of ceramics, porcelain, red pottery and cement home products. The company has almost 30-year experience in designing ceramics products from shapes, colors, patterns, manufacturing by applying different crafts and technologies, trading with customs from worldwide. In addition of years of accumulation, it also has stable suppliers of materials and accessories, such as porcelain clay, glass, silicon, stainless steel, paperboard and canton.

With the fast development of e-commercial procurement, the company is committed to provide One-Stop Serivce, where the business buyer can complete all the procurement process faster and more easily in Yongsheng Ceramics. New buyers are also welcome in Yongsheng, where you can receive the surport from exporting goods customs declaration, trailer, shipping agent and other any guideline you need to finish the whole procurement from the factory to your company. The company also supports OEM&ODM need, either to provide idea to buyers or realize the design to real products. Yongsheng always focus on the market trend and it has its own research and designer team. Therefore, the business buyer could gain a serious of trending ideas of ceramics housewares in different style directly from the manufacturer.

Post time: Aug-23-2022